The Genasi are amongst the most savage and unpredictable of the bloodlines, and rarely dwell within “polite” Kingdom society. Bound to Demons, Elementals, or occasionally Giant and Primordial patrons, Genasi are the most physically imposing of the Eladric offshoots. They are taller and broader than other eladric races, generally matching a hobgoblin for size. Their bodies are entirely hairless after their first manifestation, and veins of power pulse along their skin. A genasi’s facial features vary widely depending on its manifestation. A genasi changing between multiple manifestations can undergo dramatic physical alteration as a result: brow widening, nose flattening, lips filling or deflating, all while his colored veins change their hue.

Genasi who use any racial power tied to a manifestation undergo similar changes on a far greater scale. When a genasi draws deeply from his elemental powers, his body and features twist into something imposing or frightful. This effect is different for each genasi, and usually evokes the element into which they are tapping: A firesoul’s mouth might fill with jagged orange teeth while flames curl up from his nonexistent eyebrows; a voidsoul might return from his void completely featureless and seemingly duo-dimensional, appearing to have no depth when viewed from any angle. These effects are almost entirely cosmetic, but unsettling, and last until the character takes a short rest [i]or[/i] changes to a different manifestation, at which point the physical changes are suppressed.

Master craftsmen and artificers who also thrive in military capacities, Genasi tend to live in the outskirts of the Kingdom, often in areas too physically inhospitable for easy habitation by other bloodlines. Families maintain altars to their particular source of power, and a ritual at the appropriate age (or later, in the case of Eladrin who join a Family) causes the supplicant to undergo his first elemental manifestation. Many Genasi serve multiple families, or undergo multiple manifestations from the same shrine; all of the Abyssal manifestations are commonplace and there is no particular stigma attached. Genasi are prone to mental instability and violence, but within their own society these tendencies are held in check by a comparable level of power from companions.

Genasi craft most of their own weapons, and few rely on the traditional eladric sword. Their weapons and armor tend to be fancifully decorated, often brightly lacquered or carved into striking bas relief. Most genasi carry at least one melee weapon, often a large, two-handed hammer, sword, or spear. Even genasi who pursue arcane magic tend to remain armed.

Genasi excel in martial roles, preferring to draw the ire and attention of their foes as fighters or warlords. They also investigate explosive magical effects as sorcerers and wizards, usually tying their magic into their manifestations due to their familiarity with the elements. Particularly mischievous genasi do the exact opposite in order to defy their foes’ expectations; a firesoul might invoke her manifestation at the beginning of a battle, and then hurl great javelins of ice from her smoldering hands. Primal genasi are also common, and their shamans are known for summoning to their side massive spirits of magma or roiling thundercloud. Genasi druids typically assume the forms of predators from the Primordial Chaos instead of more mundane creatures, and animals they summon usually display similar elemental traits.


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